Roadworks Through Towcester Town Center

July 23rd 2018 to November 2018

A5 Roadworks

Although there are currently roadworks on very short sections of the A5 which are only within Towcester town centre it is still very easy to drive to The Folly…

The large yellow diversion signs outside the town should be ignored – they apply only to HGVs!

Travelling north up the A5 towards Towcester – follow the ‘Local Traffic Only’ sign at the roundabout and drive straight to The Folly which is just 100 meters away.

Travelling south down the A5 through Towcester – ignore the diversion signs outside the town.  Continue driving along the A5 until you actually reach the section that is currently closed (see the map below) where you can follow the side roads away from the A5 to avoid the short section of roadworks. You will then return to the A5 and drive straight to The Folly.

CLICK HERE to see the current diversion route